Early Mobility and Improved Outcomes

Have you or a loved one recently been hospitalized? Did you wonder when the time was right to start mobilizing? These questions may come to mind when thinking about recovery, the recovery of a loved one, or your patient.


There is much evidence to support early and progressive mobility in a hospital setting, as well as in a post-acute environment. Early mobility has been shown to reduce days of delirium, days on mechanical ventilation and length of stay in the hospital.1

Physiological benefits of early mobility include:2

  • Improved oxygenation
  • Mobilization of secretions
  • Improved functional exercise capacity
  • Improved quadriceps muscle force
  • Decreased pain score
  • Increased regional limb blood flow
  • Pressure relief on skin

Research shows that “mobilizing patients sooner can lead to improved patient outcomes. The use of an early mobility protocol should minimize complications of bed rest, improve patients' overall functions, promote ventilator weaning in a timely manner, improve patients' overall strength and endurance, and decrease ICU and hospital lengths of stay, which in turn lead to a decrease in hospital costs.”3

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