How clinicians can get the most out of webinars

Your license renewal arrives in the mail, and you realize you still need some continuing education units (CEUs). There are lots of ways to meet these requirements — one option is a webinar.


Many organizations offer webinars: nonprofits, like the Red Cross; for-profits, such as the medical device and pharmaceutical industries; and professional groups, like the American Medical Association. Webinars can be both an economical, convenient and timely way to meet your education needs. As Rachel Burstein (2013) writes in the Harvard Business Review, “Indeed, in certain cases, webinars have advantages over other types of learning. Webinars don’t require the time or expense of travel. And participation in webinars doesn’t generally require an extensive network.”

If you are like most busy professionals, a potential drawback is that you may open the webinar in one tab, but continue checking your email and ongoing projects in another tab. This is the kind of multitasking that you wouldn’t do during a live seminar. The problem is that multitasking can greatly reduce the educational value of webinars.

To help you get the most out of webinars, here are some useful tips to follow:

  1. Choose webinars on specific topics that interest you. If the topic is too general, you may find the information is of little value to you.
  2. Look for webinars that offer training or provide objective information on the topic being addressed. To get the best value, choose webinars that have expert consensus.
  3. Engage with the speaker: ask questions if the webinar format supports it, or submit questions to the speaker after the webinar is finished, if contact information is provided.
  4. Take notes. This will help you stay engaged during the presentation and will also provide you with a permanent record you can consult or review later.
  5. Watch the webinar with colleagues. That way, you can discuss the topic further once the presentation is finished and formulate questions to submit to the webinar’s presenter.
  6. Finally, make sure to choose webinars that offer continuing education benefits, if available.

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